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Let’s Hack the Pay Gap Together

Thanks to everyone who joined our nationwide effort of developers, designers, and data scientists building tools and products to close the gender pay gap.

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Join our community of practitioners working to close the gender pay gap.

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Data is one of the most powerful tools we have to accelerate change. Leveraging newly-released income and gender data from the U.S. Census, how might we work together to decrease the gender pay gap and increase the economic empowerment of women?

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Not sure where to start? Here are few challenges to get you going:

Tools for Workers

  • How might we build tools to increase salary transparency in the workplace to help women better negotiate salaries and benefits?
  • How might we build tools to help women better negotiate their pay?
  • How might we build tools to help workers in an industry or at an organization collaborate to increase pay transparency in their sector or their workplace?

Tools for Companies

  • How might we build tools to help companies evaluate the prevalence of gender segregation in their workforce?
  • How might we provide tools for companies to conduct a blind application screening process?
  • How might we build tools that reduce the structural need for worker negoatiation?

Tools for the Public

  • How might we demonstrate the root causes and consequences of the gender pay gap to the broader public?
  • How might we demonstrate the true value of unpaid care work?
  • How might we bring transparency to the companies doing the most to eliminate the pay gap?
  • How might we demonstrate the paygap across issues, geographies, education level, and race?

Data Inventory

Use curated data related to salary and wages for women and men from across federal and local governments.

Download this inventory as a flattened CSV file.

User Scenarios

These scenarios describe composite examples of women in the workforce being paid less than men for the same type of work. Use the scenarios in your design process to ensure that what you build responds to real needs.

Ultimately, though, equal pay isn’t just an economic issue for millions of Americans and their families, it’s a question of who we are – and whether we’re truly living up to our fundamental ideals."

—President Barack Obama


#Hackthepaygap is about all of us working together to close the gender pay gap by harnessing the power of data.

Did you Know?

  • Women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar a man is paid.
  • For women of color it’s even worse: 60 and 55 cents for African American and Latina women, respectively.
  • Women are overrepresented in the lowest wage professions.
  • Motherhood is associated with a wage penalty and lower future career earnings.